S&R Pants Gen I



Freedom of movement and comfort are the main design features of the S&R pants. Extra cushioning added to the waistline provides comfort, while special fabrics on lower back provide flexibility. Nooses under the belt loops allow  attaching carabiners and other items. For knee protection sheets of  D3O® materials have been added. A ventilation system is used to ventilate the most heated areas and regulate temperature. Two capacious side pockets, placed in the center of the thigh have added straps for adjustment in order to avoid unwanted movement while running and walking. Inside of the pockets is netted for better ventilation and a rubber bands allows to hold magazines, water bottles and other items firmly in place. Two smaller pockets for knives or other small tools are placed in front of the main cargo pockets. The lower leg pockets are placed on the back of the leg. All pockets on the pants are closed with large buttons and in every pocket there is an extra loop to attach gear. The pants can be removed or put on without removing the boots, using long side zippers on the legs. Side zippers also allow access to removable gaiters.


  • D3O® sheets for knee protection
  • Stretch fabric on the back for better  flexibility
  • Capacious side pockets with netted inside and tightening straps.
  • Rubber webbing inside the pocket to carry and hold mags, water bottles etc.
  • Ventilation system
  • Knife pockets
  • Removable gaiters
  • Extra loops under belt loops to attach carabiners.
  • Loops in pockets for gear attachment